• Fully Outsourced Patient Cost Estimator Tool

  • 100% CMS Compliant with 300 Shoppable Services

  • Bundled Cash Prices Calculated on Cost + Markup

  • CMS-Required Machine-Readable File of Contracted Rates for Every Service and Payer

  • HPS Copyrighted Format

  • Based off Client's Transactional Data and Payer Contracts

  • Benchmark service packages to identify differences in delivery of care

  • Compare prices at the encounter level and by line-item components

  • Analyze acuity levels across providers for the same service packages

  • Create a pre-service itemized statement to assist in developing a good faith estimate

  • Defensible Chargemaster Pricing

  • New Prices Modeled with Payer Contracts to Determine Impact on Net Patient Revenues

  • Deliverables in Excel Files and Online Dashboard

Comprehensive chargemaster review
  • Establishes a Compliant, Current, and Accurate CDM

  • Ensuring Accurate Reimbursement

  • Adjusts Prices to Market and Fee Schedule Rates

  • Benchmark Outpatient CPT/HCPCS Prices to Market

  • Benchmark Inpatient MS-DRG Prices to Market

  • For Each Report, Select up to 14 Hospitals for Comparison

  • Client's Favorable Charges Compared to Market

  • Consumer-Friendly Price List Website

  • Integration with EZCOST when Purchased with Price Transparency Package

  • Projects costs and utilization for Medicare risk contracts

  • Create appropriate clinical staffing levels based on demand

  • Focus marketing efforts on counties with high use rates

  • Stratify outpatient providers by precise resource utilization differences

  • Accurately compare costs across providers, adjusting for utilization patterns

  • Assist with payer negotiations by highlighting resource utilization efficiencies