Price Transparency Is The Law

Patient Rights Advocate recently found only 16% of hospitals nationwide are fully compliant with hospital price transparency regulations. With ever increasing scrutiny it is critical for hospitals to determine a solution for price transparency sooner rather than later.

In fact, all Hospital Pricing Specialists' clients that have been reviewed in PRA's audits are 100% Compliant.

Non-Compliance Can Be Costly
HPS can get you where you need to be
Lack of price transparency leads to costly fines.
Total civil monetary penalties issued by CMS to date.
Robust state-level efforts to ensure compliance.
States with current or pending legislation requiring compliance with price transparency.
Increased enforcement highlights government commitment to compliance.
Value of enforcement contract awarded by CMS.

Choose the best partner in price transparency

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HPS offers industry-leading hospital pricing services, specializing in price transparency compliance, pricing optimization reviews, and market price benchmarking. Our experienced professionals provide insights and support to help you make informed pricing decisions that drive business success.

HPS has completed over 1,200 pricing projects with over 3,500 beds.


HPS has over 60 years of healthcare pricing experience.


HPS has clients in over 45 states.

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Your patients will benefit from the ease of use of HPS’s price transparency tools.


Make your hospital fully compliant with all current price transparency regulations.


HPS solutions can have your hospital compliant within 2 weeks of complete data submission.

"Hospital Pricing Specialists is committed to delivering an effective pathway for hospitals to establish and maintain price transparency compliance."

Etosha McGee, Hospital Pricing Specialists Vice President of Consulting Services

Some of the providers currently supported by HPS tools.